PF Instigates Mpenzeni to Attack Opposition

Alexander Chikwanda 2The Patriotic Front government has written a speech for paramount chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province to condemn opposition leaders demanding the suspension of Zambia from Commonwealth for human rights abuses.

The speech that was read by energy permanent secretary George Zulu for the paramount chief at the Nc’wala ceremony was full of political innuendos aimed at condemning the opposition.

Chief Mpezeni said on Saturday it is disheartening that the opposition party leaders are frustrating government efforts aimed at developing the lives of people.

Despite government constantly reminding traditional leaders not to engage themselves in politics, the PF is accommodative of any chiefs that offered them support.

Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda said government anticipated more attacks on the party and President Sata from opposition leaders and urged the chief to defend the people.

Chikwanda said government would continue to support cultural practices as it is the tool to national development. He said government wants to support the agriculture sectors as it can be seen through the recapitalization of Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ).

The Nc’wala is an annual event that is held at chief Mpezeni’s palace.

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