PF Minister Threatens Critical NGOs

Rayford-MbuluGovernment has threatened to de-register Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) critical of the ruling Patriotic Front in its continued assault on democracry.

Labour minister Rayford Mbulu said some NGOs are making inflammatory and misleading statements on a number of national issues.

Mbulu said government is in charge of running the affairs of the nation and that it will never abandon its responsibility because it has been given the mandate by the people.

He said whoever wanted to compliment or supplement government efforts, they must do so within the laws of the country.

“People who are not acting in the interest of the nation will not be tolerated. If an NGO becomes overzealous and do things contrary to the provisions of the law, I am sorry, we will not hesitate to do our job. An NGO can be registered and in the same way it was registered, it can be de-registered,” Mbulu said.

The PF government has recently accused of cracking down on the opposition and NGOs that offer checks and balances to their governance system.

The disregard of basic human rights has since given rise to a petition demanding the suspension of Zambia from the Commonwealth.


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  3. Seed Inspector

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