Sata Threatens to Withhold Development from Southern Province

(FILES) Michael Sata, opposition leaderPresident Michael Sata has told the people of Southern Province that they will never see development as long as they will continue to vote for opposition members of parliament.

President Sata said the residents will never experience development if the opposition members of parliament continue to represent them.

He was campaigning for PF candidate Lawrence Evans ahead of the February 28th by-elections which are being contested by UPND, MMD and many other opposition parties.

In recent months Zambia has experienced an unprecedented number of by-elections for parliamentary seats, which are usually triggered by defections of MPs to the ruling party as well as electoral tribunal petitions.

President Sata said Southern Province has lagged behind in development because of being identified with the opposition.

He said the PF has honoured its promises and created over 50,000 jobs. Former MMD member Daniel Munkombwe also said opposition MPS are held as hostages by heir parties to which they belong.

The trip to Livingstone represents the first outing for President Sata in a long time, following months of confinement to State House allegedly due to his deteriorating health. His attendance of the rally has been regarded as an act of defiance from his physicians who have recommended enough rest and reduction in travels to avoid worsening the problem.


  1. CNP-4U

    withhold..its our right to vote for the opposition..lol

  2. dorothy

    dream on mr satan, we have not forgotten what the serpent did to Eve in the Garden. thats what brot all misery man faces today. you are that snake sir

  3. Hit em up

    Let him talk,grounds to stand on for petitioning

  4. Heaman Haachilala

    He is sick in the head!

  5. Rabid Dog

    This man behaves like a rabid dog.

  6. Iyeee...

    Mr.President you should realize that you are ruling Zambia and Southern province is part of Zambia.For that fact you should know that your performance in running the affairs of the country will be based on the whole country and therefore development must be delivered to all parts of the country wether there is an opposition MP or not.What I see in you is the luck of understanding multi-party politics and wanting to drag us back into a one party state which you and many of us kicked out in 1990.
    I am now getting worried that you might just push for a third term for yourself since it’s on record that you would go to the airport and sing praise for Chiluba.’kalimba kalelila ati Chiluba third term’ remember that song M’embe?
    Anyways with all the state machinery at your disposal,I am getting very worried.When you were in opposition Mr.President or is it comrade Sata,I don’t remember Levy or RB surrounding your house to arrest you for defaming them when it’s a fact and on record that you defamed these people night and day.
    Tone down comrade Sata,this iron fist you want to start showing around will land you in problems after or before you leave office.
    My advise to you is to deliver development to all parts of Zambia even in areas you know people can’t stand you.

  7. Seed Inspector

    Picture of the day lol.

  8. Neutral

    The pipo of livingstone should not take this empty threat seriously coz development has already come in stone automatically due to UNWTO.

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