State House Police Complain of Housing Transfers

State House police officers have complained of harassment from the PF hierarchy through forced transfers from their camp near plot one.

The officers have said the forced transfer mainly from PHI area to other police camps around Lusaka is complicating their work especially that they operate at the highest office of the land.

The officers claimed that there are rogue senior officials who are not happy that they stay near State House and now wanted to frustrate their work.

“We are officers from State House and we have got a complaint because we are being victimized in the houses that we occupy in PHI for some time now. They just came with a directive that we are supposed to move to Sikanze, those people from Sikanze, Chilenje and Chelstone have to move to State Lodge. But looking at that, these people are just trying to victimize us because we go for work on time and we have been staying in those houses for some time now. If they are looking at security concerns, there are people that are staying in compounds like Mtendere, Kalingalinga and Kamanga, why can’t they move those to go and stay in State Lodge because it’s a police camp just like Chilenje and Sikanze,” the officers have complained.

“Now like this, how can we work? We can’t work because we are being victimized now. They have locked our houses and our children are going to school. So we are appealing to the President to come and help us because the IG and the deputy have failed. We are now tired and our wives are just doing piece work from other companies, how are they going to work? Now we are being treated as if we are not Zambia because there are a few people who think they own the police. Like this, we can’t even fight war because we are divided. We are thirty of us whom they want to move and some of us have paid for school fees for our children for a year at the nearest schools and how are we going to be moving our children from State Lodge to PHI or Chelstone? The officers refused to identify themselves for fear of being dismissed by PF led government have rules with a heavy hand in administering justice.”

They said they have received orders to move from PHI to other camps and that this will affect the smooth operations of State House security.


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    hahahaha..you guys sort yourselves out and see what you can do about your dictator..you support him..!

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