Traditional Leader Opposes Fake Development

guy-scott-kwacha-zambia-reportsSenior chief Chiwala of the Lamba people of Masaiti district has urged the ruling Patriotic Front not to deceive voters with fake developmental projects being carried out ahead of the Mpongwe by-elections on February 28.

Chief Chiwala observed that government is likely to suspend all the projects they are doing during the election period just to win votes and abandon everything after elections.

He told Vice-President Guy Scott when he visited his palace to be genuine with the projects government has embarked on and not merely to hoodwink residents in order to get votes.

Chief Chiwala said there are many projects in the area which need government support but that they should not be tied to supporting the political party in power.

Dr Scott said people should support the PF in order to have development in their area and that the opposition will not give them anything progressive.


  1. Decotexx

    Tell them chief. We thought this kind of campaign was going to go away with the removal of the MMD, but alas, PF has continued with the same kind of campaigning. We are tired of this kind of politics.

  2. The Instigator

    To hell with your mendacious development!!!

  3. CNP-4U

    way to go Chief Chiwala..those chaps are hypocrites..wow!!vote Chilufya..

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