Mining Industry Concerned over Seizure of Collum

The Zambian Chamber of Mines is worried that if the PF government does not handle the seized Collum Coal mine properly, the move would erode investor confidence.
Chamber of Mines vise-president for the southern region Jerome Kawesha said ZCCMIH should ensure continuity of all operations at the mine.
He said ZCCMIH which was mandated to take over operations at the former Chinese owned mine should address the flows that led to the seizure.
Kawesha said although the state of the mine was hapless under Chinese ownership, mere takeover would not improve the standards of the mine and the working conditions for the workers.
He said the ministry of mines should work closely with ZCCMIH to appoint a group of ingenious Zambian business operators to take profitability to the mine.

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  1. Vilifier

    PF knows nothing about investor confidence

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