Sata’s Cabinet Overblown – Saunders

zambia-reports-sata-arrives-to-lusaka-2013Political activist Dante Saunders has observed that the Patriotic Front President Michael Sata has overblown Cabinet contrary to campaign promises that sought to run on a reduced budget with a limited number of ministers.

Saunders says there are too many ministers who are not doing anything to serve the Zambian people.

Saunders says it is unfortunate that the PF promised Zambians to reduce the size of government but that they have failed to fulfill their promises.

He says instead the number of ministers has been increased beyond what the previous governments had established.

Saunders adds that resources which would have been channeled to other needy sectors of the economy are being wasted on emoluments and other allowances for ministers.

Source: Qfm


  1. Festus kavimba

    Yes that is very true,and that i have naver sen pipo beeing swering in evry day and all the time.

  2. CNP-4U

    you right Daunte..he has no plans to reduce it and doesnt even know how its supposed to work..

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