Scott is Politicking on 3 UPND MPs – Mweetwa

Cornelius-MweetwaUnited Party for National Development (UPND) deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says Vice-President Gy Scott is merely politicking when suggesting three more opposition MPs will accept ministerial positions from the ruling party.

Two UNPD MPs were bought by the Patriotic Front. Reverend Howard Sikwela was enticed with rewards and cash to ditch Livingstone and just recently Greyford Monde accepted a deputy ministerial position.

There are about 10 opposition Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) MPs serving the PF government in inferior ministerial position.

At a campaign rally in Masaiti, Vice-President Guy Scott says three more members of Parliament (MP) from the opposition UPND are expected to join government soon.

Dr Scott claimed that most MPs have realised that working with the ruling party is the only way their constituencies are going to develop.

“Our appointing of MPs to serve in Government is aimed at developing the country further not these accusations that we want to destabilise the opposition,” he said.

But Mweetwa said no other MP from the UPND was willing to join the PF because they were a bunch of failures who had failed to fulfill their lavish campaign promises.

He said there was nothing inspiring about the UPND and joining them will be political suicide.

Mweetwa challenged Dr Scott to name the MPs that were due to join the ruling party.


  1. CNP-4U

    wise man Hon.Mweetwa..scott is an old school thinker..lol

  2. Mubanga

    In case they are there, they should know that causing unnecessary but costly bye-elections will not be taken kindly by Zambians. We are tired of this nonsense of MPs crossing over to the ruling party just for personal aggrandisement. It is clear that UPND will expel any MP that crosses over. So why the risk?

    • Prof. W

      Quite simple, isn’t? Money doesn’t stink. These defecting MPs just want the cash and the promise that corruption cases won’t be opened against them.

  3. vmc

    Hmmmm! “there was nothing inspiring about UPND”

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