Hichilema Asks Police To Arrest Him

hakainde-hichilema-warn-and-cautionOpposition leader Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development (UPND) has challenged the police to find him and arrest him in Livingstone.

Hichilema said Southern Province police commissioner Charity Katanga is a PF cadre who is operating under instructions from President Michael Sata.

He also said the police should be accountable for the death of a PF cadre.

In an exclusive interview, Hichilema said he was not afraid of the police and that if they really wanted to arrest him they whould feel free to do so because he was not on the run.

“Everybody knows that Katanga is just a PF cadre and this is not the first time that she has sent PF cadres to attack us. This is exactly the reason why she was sent to this province to intimidate us (UPND),” he said.

He said if police expect him to turn himself in, they were wasting time.

“What they want is to me to hand myself over to them, but why would I do that knowing very well that the police is led by PF cadres?

“My MPs are arrested for complaining of being attacked at our camp. I was in the radio station myself having a live interview,” he explained.

And contacted for a comment, Katanga said UPND were responsible for the death of the PF official.

“The report we have indicates that the PF passed through the road of the UPND command post and they found heaps of stones on the road. So the vehicle slowed down and a man rushed to the PF vehicle and hacked the deceased in the head and that was how he fainted and died.”

Katanga said police would not rest until the culprits were brought to book.

“We will do everything to protect each and every citizen especially the electorates. The leaders are supposed to preach peace because peace does not operate in a vacuum. The police, political leaders and the cadres are stakeholders and it is expected at all times that they ensure that peace is preached no matter the situation,” she said.

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