Mbulu’s Jilted Lover Claims Persecution

Rayford-MbuluSalome Mulenga, the jilted lover to Labour Deputy Minister Rayford Mbulu has said she is living in fear after because unknown people have been trailing her movements.

And Mulenga has complained that there is no justice for the poor in Zambia because that the police are openly favouring the rich.

Mulenga, who lives in one of the suburbs of Lusaka, had been fighting a love and hate battle against Mbulu who has used his ministerial position to have the police arrest and detain her in trumped up charges.

Last year, Mulenga was assaulted at Mbulu’s office after refused to give in to his sexual advances prompting Mbulu to let loose his guards on her and she sustained a fractured hand.

Mbulu and Salome became lovers some years back, but Mbulu wanted to end the relationship after allegedly impregnating her and infecting her with the HIV virus. He promised to give her over K250 million for the abuse, but hitherto, he has failed to honour his undertake his promise.

“Last year, I went to his office to discuss why he was not paying me, but he wanted to have sex with me in the office. I am a dignified woman so I refused, but he asked his guards to throw me out and I injured myself. He took me to the police and told the commissioners he demanded to see that I should be arrested and locked up for insulting language. The matter is in court,” she said.

Speaking in an interview at her home, Mulenga said Mbulu had been sending anonymous emissaries to her home.

“Some people have been following me at home after I refused to change my statement to the police after I was asked to give a statement about what happened on the day I was assaulted. The driver to the Minister who was one of the people who assaulted me has been parking his vehicle outside my house for unknown reasons. I have also been receiving anonymous phone calls,” she said.

Mulenga said Mbulu’s son Joseph had also been calling her at night and that one day, Joseph went to her home inviting her to a discussion.

She said the police have refused to open a docket for Mbulu’s guards who assaulted her because the minister was using his position to influence and corrupt the police.

According to a letter from the Human Rights Commission, the police had been advised to open a docket against the people who assaulted Mulenga, but the officers have not done that.

“The police have shown me that they do not want to give me justice. They have openly refused to open a docket for these assailants. They have continued to present wrong and misleading information even to the court on the case where he has sued me for insulting him. I was arrested on 14th May, 2012, but the police records in court indicate that I was arrested on the 21st day. They have also deliberately given a wrong house address on my indictment. In court, the arresting officer said she does not know the offence I was given since the instructions came from her superiors,” she said.

Mulenga said she visited to Secretary to the Cabinet Rowland Msiska who referred her to the Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani so that a docket can be opened against Mbulu and his guards.

“Mr Msiska asked for a report from the Inspector General of Police and asked me to see her. She gave me an appointment for 27th December, 2012 at 09:00 but I was shocked to be turned away on the material date because Ms Libongani claimed that I did not have an appointment with her. I went back to Mr Msiska who insisted that she should see me, but she merely referred my matter back to the criminal investigations department who have been sending me from one office to another,” Mulenga said.

She said the criminal investigations officers had sent her matter to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito (DPP), but the DPP’s office does not conduct police work.

“The DPP has not replied yet. I was told a lawyer is investigating my case. I asked why my case is dragging and there are people following me. I can be killed. Should I wait for one week, one month or forever in order to receive justice,” she said.

Mulenga said there was no justice for the poor in Zambia adding that a simple case of assault by a minister did not need to be taken to the DPP.

“From what I realized, the DPP also has some interests to protect and that he will do anything not to proceed with my case. Corruption and deceit has reached alarming levels in Zambia and one day, we shall wake up to find that these crooks have auctioned our country,” she said.

Mulenga said President Michael Sata had sworn that he was allergic to corruption, but many officials in the government were deeply embroiled in graft.

Police deputy Inspector General Solomon Jere refused to comment on the matter promising to do so after he gathers information from officers handling the case, but he has stopped picking phone calls to fix an appointment.

Mulenga’s lawyer Sakwiba Sikota said the police have been refusing the open a docket against Mbulu and the other people who assaulted his client.

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