Swine Flu Claims 3 in Serenje

UTH-WardThree people have died in Serenje district of Central Province after failing to respond to H1N1 influenza also known as Swine Flu.

Sources at Serenje district hospital disclosed two people died Wednesday from the epidemic while another patient who was receiving treatment died Thursday.

The source also said over 1,400 swine flu cases had been recorded and that hundreds were admitted and being treated of influenza H1N1.

The disease broke out last month particularly hitting Serenje, Mumbwa and Chibombo districts in Central Province.

A Provincial medical officer Abel Kabalo says Mumbwa alone recorded 212 cases of swine flu.

Kabalo said the province does not have the financial and logistical capacity to respond effectively to the epidemic and expressed worry that more people would be infected.

Last week. the minister of Health Joseph Kasonde announced the outbreak of the disease but said there was no need for the public to panic as the epidemic did not have fatal effects in Zambia.

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