Explain Source of Your Wealth, Amsterdam Tells Kabimba

robert-amsterdam-zambiaInternational lawyer representing former President Rupiah Banda, Robert Amsterdam, has challenged justice minister Wynter Kabimba to explain to the Zambian people the source of the wealth he has accumulated since the ruling Patriotic Front government came into power.

Kabimba, who is also PF Secretary General, is alleged to have accumulated unprecedented wealth at lightening speed after creating companies that act as middlemen involving private companies and government contracts.

The former Lusaka City Council town clerk is running Midland Energy, which brokered the oil deal with oil company Trafigura to supply the commodity to government for one year. The PF SG is also responsible for all business deals through the company called Ilunda Chalo – a PF subsidiary – and recently started representing NAPSA as its lawyer.

Kabimba has attacked Amsterdam for representing former president Banda and is troubled by the international lawyer’s representation of the Zambian opposition in the recent petition to Commonwealth on human rights abuses under President Michael Sata.

He has since accused Amsterdam of being a lawyer who tries to make a fortune from leaders that have allegedly squandered treasury of their people.

However, Amsterdam says he will not dignify insults from Zambia’s Kabimba challenging him instead to explain how he is enriching himself under the PF government.

Amsterdam has also refuted Kabimba’s allegations that he is a lawyer that makes a fortune from retired leaders.

Lusaka-based radio Qfm reports that Amsterdam contended that he is an international lawyer of credible repute that only defends people being harassed by their governments and not to make fortunes out of them.

Amsterdam referred Kabimba to a recent court case victory against the UN in the United
Nations Dispute Tribunal in Zimbabwe to demonstrate what calibre of an international lawyer he was.


  1. Decotexx

    Uko, Kabimba watch out, you are not dealing with a Zambian but an international person who has connections in high places. I have a feeling things wont end well for Kabimba

  2. Majaliwa

    niwe ani?

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