Rupiah Banda Resolute after First Day of Questioning

rupiah-banda-dec-zambia-reportsFollowing the first day answering questions before the investigative wings after parliament voted to remove immunity, former President Rupiah Banda said that the legal process is likely to be quite slow and lengthy.

Speaking to the press after a three-hour interview, Banda said he was aware that he would be subjected to a long process.

“As you know we are going to go to court and this is going to be a very long affair. So it is necessary that we do not burn ourselves out,” Banda said.

The situation in Zambia is quite tense, as numerous figures have argued that the removal of immunity has was handled unlawfully, while Banda’s lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has pointed out that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba told the house that the investigation was already complete, which is contradicted by today’s summons.

The former Head of State called for calm from his supporters during the processes that he will be interrogated by the authorities.

“I want to thank all you, when I say all of you I mean the press, the officers, and our party people for coming because you are interested in what is happening. May I ask you please to remain calm. We have a duty and responsibility to keep our country together and peacefully. Even under provocation, we must remain calm because that will give me a chance to speak to the various authorities,” Banda said.

The Ex-president was questioned at the Drug Enforcement Commission for about three hours, while his supporters sung solidarity songs outside the premises.

Addressing the press after the interviews, Namukolo Kasumpa said Banda cooperated throughout the interviews.

“The interview went well as scheduled and the questioning will continue tomorrow. We adjourned the interviews to tomorrow 09:00 hours,” Kasumpa said.

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