Zambia ‘Fishing’ for Case on Banda

rupiah-banda-zambia-reports-decFollowing a second day of questioning before the investigative wings, a lawyer for Former President Rupiah Banda said the authorities seem to be “fishing” for a case, as the questioning has been speculative and uncoordinated.

Speaking outside the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) offices this afternoon, Banda, who appeared resilient during the briefing, said the State’s case would end in failure.

Banda said that he is innocent of all the accusations put toward him by the ruling Patriotic Front government.

“Very soon, this will come to an end. I have very competent lawyers. It is obvious that I am just being mistreated. I did not do those things. When I was President I tried to make things better,” he said.

Some media have indicated that a heavy police presence at Woodlands was a sign that the government had intended to place former President Banda under arrest, though the grounds for doing so are still unclear.

And Banda’s lawyer Sakwiba Sikota said the process was a waste of taxpayers’ money and resources.

“This exercise is a waste of taxpayers’ money and government resources. It will not yield anything,” he said.

Sikota wondered why the investigative wings were dragging on with the interview process when the Justice Minister declared before the house that investigations had been concluded and the State was ready to prosecute him.

“What is surprising is that these investigations are dragging when the Minister of Justice said the investigations were concluded,” Sikota said.

“That is why we said this will be a very long affair because they have nothing against the former president. This is when they are trying to fish something. It will end up being a failed case for the State.”

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