Dora Siliya Escapes Journalists’ Trap

Dora Siliya addresses journalists at Lusaka Magistrates CourtBy Chanda Chimba, III

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy, MMD, spokesperson Dora Siliya today escaped what appeared to have been a trap from a Muvi Tv reporter who wanted Siliya to repeat a statement she had just given to journalists who had gathered outside the Drug Enforcement Commission, DEC, offices where former president Rupiah Banda was being questioned.

Siliya arrived around 12 hours and went straight to where some journalists were relaxing and prompted them that she had a statement to make. In no time all the journalists quickly switched on their gadgets from still cameras to voice recorders and television cameras and ofcourse got their pens and notebooks ready.

In her eloquent fashion Siliya made the statement without a prepared text and in no time she was done and told the journalist from various local and international media houses, “I am not answering any questions” when one tried to push in a quick question. No doubt she took everyone by surprise.

But one sharp young reporter and his cameraman from Muvi TV quickly approached Siliya as she walked away telling her they wanted her to repeat the statement as they appeared to have had some challenges with their camera.

The MMD spokesperson was almost succumbing to the somewhat innocent request perhaps because she herself is a journalist and may kind of have a soft spot on media personnel.

Had it not been for a Dr Mtonga a member of the MMD who was standing next to her and strongly opposed the idea of giving another statement off-the-cuff, Siliya would have given two different statements and would have probably contradicted herself. It surely appeared like a trap as other journalists also got interested wanting to clarify certain things Siliya had brought out.

Below is the word for word impromptu address to journalists just outside the DEC offices.

It is such a pity there are people whose egos are so low and that to be inflated, they have to be part and parcel of the abuse of parliament so that they can deserve their gin and tonic. And I know that they are the people that continue to be called treacherous by their own parties and they want to continue to mislead this country with even journalists. Some of them like this one from Daily Mail Anthony Mukwita.

I think that they are trying very hard to divert the attention of the Zambian citizens. The Zambian citizens are very clear that they don’t want institutions of democracy like parliament to be abused. The Zambian citizens are very clear that they are concerned about continued export of maize when there are many provinces like in Eastern province, North-Western province where the people are having mealie-meal shortages.

The Zambian citizens are very clear that they are concerned when this country continues to donate money like that K5m to Malawi when government has just announced that it will not be able to build the 600 clinics that the MMD planned for because there is no money. We know that the money has gone to by-elections just like there will be unnecessary tax payers’ money spent on the removal of immunity of president Banda without clear grounds.

So we know that for those with small egos, they need it to be inflated and that’s why some of them can even claim that on that night they were able to drink gin and tonic.

It’s why their parties call them treacherous and I know that for people like myself and honourable Sylvia Masebo whom they are trying to call a tribunal for, we know it’s because they’ve got nothing to offer to their party and they have nothing to offer this country. And even for some of the journalists, we believe that you should be part of nation building not be part of destruction like some journalists like Anthony Mukwita.

Thank you.

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