Elephant Kills Zookeeper in Livingstone

An elephant at the Mukuni Big Five Safari has killed its handler, 42-year-old Manson Mukotosi.

Police in Livingstone have confirmed the incident that happened on Wednesday resulting in the death of Mukotosi.

They also described the victim as a Zimbabwean national employed as a caretaker at the sanctuary.

Police said Mukotosi was feeding the elephant as part of his routine tasks, but that the giant mammal turned on him and crashed him to death.

Chief Mukuni who owns the sanctuary regretted the tragic death of Mukotosi.

In a press release, chief Mukuni said the directors and staff were
devastated about the incident and that their thoughts were with the deceased’s family.

Chief Mukuni stated that on the fateful day, March 27, 2013, two successful elephant rides were conducted with all the seven elephants at 07:30 hours and 09:00 hours respectively.

He stated that after the rides, the elephants were taken back to the stables where they had their saddles removed and released into the bush to commence their feeding.

“Up to this juncture there were no outward signs or indication that something was wrong with any of our elephants,” chief Mukuni stated.

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