Minister, Zambia Coach, Renard, Discuss Poor Run

Herve RenardChishimba Kambwili, the sports minister, who rubbished Zambia’s 1-all draw away to Lesotho says coach Herve Renard has given justifiable reasons about Chipolopolo’s spate of poor results that included a disastrous 2013 Africa Cup of Nations appearance.

Kambwili had other than rubbishing the 2014 Brazil World Cup qualifying result also warned that the government will disband Chipolopolo if the poor run continued.

He said a progressive one-on-one meeting with Renard held Monday morning identified some of the causes of the poor performance by the team.

Kambwili did not delve into the reasons but said Renard offered a justifiable explanation.

“I had to meet the coach one-on-one so that he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder when explaining issues. From what we discussed, I now understand why the team is not winning matches,” Kambwili said.

“I had to meet him alone before meeting the FA later this afternoon (yesterday). So, I can’t give you the details about our meeting with the coach until I meet FAZ,” he said.

Kambwili has however refused to withdraw his scathing attack on the team maintaining that the government would withdraw its support to the national team if it the poor run continues.

He urged FAZ to use this weekend’s Annual General Meeting to iron out all the problems that were affecting the team’s performance and forge the way forward.

“I haven’t regretted my earlier statemnet, it still stands and I won’t backtrack on it. Just because I had a progressive meeting with the coach does not mean I regret what I said earlier on. They still need to improve,” he said.

“They know what they are supposed to discuss at their AGM. The team needs to start scoring and my advise is that they need to find a solution to the current problem.”

Zambia has only won three matches since winning the Africa cup in February 2012, two 1-0 wins against Ghana and South Africa and a 2-1 win against Zimbabwe. Renard’s Chipolopolo has recorded a further seven defeats and five draws.

Below is the collection of Chipolopolo results after emerging champions at the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon.

Wins (4)
1.Uganda (1-0 at home/AFCON Qualifier)
2.Ghana (1-0 at home/Brazil World Cup qualifier)
3.South Africa (1-0 in Johannesburg/Mandela Challenge)
4.Uganda (8-7 on penalties after losing 1-0 in regulation time in Kampala/2013 AFCON Qualifier)

1. Ethiopia (1-1 AFCON ’13)
2. Norway (0-0 friendly)
3. Nigeria (1-1 AFCON ’13)
4. Burkina Faso (0-0 AFCON ’13)
5. Lesotho (1-1 Brazil World Cup qualifier)
6. Angola (0-0 friendly)

Defeats (7)
1. Sudan (0-2 but FIFA awarded points to Zambia for opponent’s use of ineligible player)
2. Malawi (0-1 friendly)
3. Tanzania (0-1 friendly)
4. Angola (0-2 friendly)
6. South Korea (1-2 friendly)
7. Saudi Arabia (1-2 friendly)


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