George Kunda’s Son Reject Sata’s Politics of the Belly

Howard & Nevers
Howard Kunda with red cloth on shoulder and Nevers Mumba when Sata ordered their arrest for unlawful assembly.

MMD Muchinga Member of Parliament Howard Kunda has declined a ministerial position that President Michael Sata has offered him the Daily Nation has learnt.

Kunda son of former vice president late George Kunda was asked by Sata to take up a position to the gender ministry which he refused.

A source told the Daily Nation that President Sata personally called Kunda and offered to give him a ministerial position as he wanted him to continue with his father’s legacy of serving in government.

They revealed that in his efforts to weaken the opposition Sata was still considering more names of Members of Parliament from both the UPND and MMD that he wanted to give positions to.

The source further revealed that in his response to the President, Kunda asked the President to appoint him as vice president if he meant what he said.

“Howard told the President that if he really meant what he said about him (Howard) continuing his father’s legacy in government, he should be appointed as vice president because he was not ready to serve as a deputy minister but in response President Sata told him that he was as stubborn as his mother,” the source said.

The source said that Kunda said he wanted to serve the people of Muchinga and was not interested in the politics of the belly like other ministers.

“We disagree with Sata on his continued journey of appointing MPs from the opposition because he knows that if they were fired by their parties, it would be easy for them to scoop parliamentary seats because they have the financial muscle.

“Why should he ask Kunda to work with him when he (Sata) insulted the late George Kunda every day and he has never bothered to apologies for his insults? Howard is right and we hope all these MPs being appointed would emulate him,” the source said.

Source: Daily Nation

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