Munkombwe Defends his Politics of the “Belly” on ZNBC

Daniel Munkombwe

Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe once again passionately propagated his politics of benefits philosophy before a national audience.

The 78-year old Munkombwe, who featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview Programme last night, said he was not thinking about retiring from public life any time soon.

Munkombwe, who has been in government since independence in 1964 swapping allegiance between all the five presidents to suit his selfish and crooked motive, said politics had impoverished him so he gets a pay back from tax payers.

“You do not understand politics of the belly. What are you (Grevazio Zulu) doing at
ZNBC? Why are you not on the streets loafing?” he asked.

Munkombwe said having fought for independence it was now time for him to eat.
“Patriotism? That is for when we fought for independence when we were sleeping in the bush, now we all have to eat,” he unashamedly said.

Munkombwe claimed he kept bouncing back because the nation needed him more than other people. Contrary, Munkombwe bootlicks every president that ascends to power in order to remain in politics.

“I have served five presidents because the nation needs me more than other people,” he said. “I am a stabilizer of the nation that is why I am here.”

He said, “you do not sleep in the bush to prop up someone to be president someone has to benefit.”

He also said he envied United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema and his MPs whom he said were of high quality.

Munkombwe claimed he formed UPND though its founding president Anderson Kambela Mazoka died over six years ago.

He vowed not to retire from politics any time soon. “If I still have a good head and sharp mind I see no reason why I should retire,” he said.

The shameless Munkombwe has been widely condemned for his self serving politics of
benefits doctrine.

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