Pay Bonetti, FIFA Orders FAZ

Bonetti-Dario-300x168World soccer governing body FIFA has confirmed judgement in Italian Dario Bonetti’s complaint of unfair dismissal by the Football Association of Zambia was passed on March 19, 2013.

Responding to a press query, FIFA’s media office says the Players’ Status Committee reached the decision last month.

Bonetti, the Italian who qualified Zambia to the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations which Chipolopolo eventually won under Herve Renard, was unofficially informed of the decision on Friday last week.

According to FIFA sources, Bonetti, who lost his job 48 hours within qualifying Zambia for the Africa Cup in October 2011, was awarded compensation amounting to US $400, 000 as opposed to the US $1, 600, 000 he demanded.

The Italian confirmed the outcome but said he is awaiting the official correspondence from FIFA.

“The Single Judge of the Players’ Status Committee dealt with the matter (of Bonetti) and passed his decision on 19 March 2013.

“However, as the decision is still to be formally notified to all the parties concerned, we are not in a position to further comment on the matter,” FIFA responded to a bolazambia press query today.

FAZ, who are ordinarily excited with media statements and correspondence from FIFA, have not said anything on the matter.

But FIFA sources say Bonetti is assured of getting his money whatever the case.

In an event FAZ fails to pay Bonetti, FIFA will suspend the annual grant of US $500, 000 for Zambia it gives to all its members. This, according to FIFA sources, is the money Bonetti will receive as compensation in case FAZ coffers are empty.


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