Rupiah Banda Blocked from Going to Kenya at Airport

Rupiah_Banda-Zambia_0Former President Banda has been stopped at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from attending the inauguration of Kenyan leader president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Banda was due to leave aboard Kenyan Airways at 11: 00 hours today after Zambian authorities reluctantly released his passport through a court order.

International lawyer, who is representing president Banda and his son Henry twitted; “Former President Banda stopped at airport from attending inauguration of Kenyan leader.

“Rule of Law clearly no longer exists as President Sata is determined to violate all legal standards in a quest to keep PF in power.”

Banda, who was chief observer of the Jimmy Carter Foundation, during the elections in Kenya is credited for playing a crucial role in preparing candidates accept the outcome of what was a closely contested poll.

Kenyatta, whose father is founding president of Kenya, defeated former Prime Minister Raila Odinga during the elections held in early March but the outcome was contested in the Supreme Court.

During the salutations at a packed Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi, Rupiah Banda was recognized ahead of first Republican president Kenneth Kaunda who traveled in the delegation of Vice-President Guy Scott and deputy minister of finance – President Michael Sata’s nephew – Miles Sampa.

At the time Banda’s name was being recognized at a packed Kasarani Sports Centre in Nairobi, officials in Lusaka were blocking him from flying out of the countr.

Banda was scheduled to leave on Monday but his trip was delayed after authorities in Zambia had planned to stop Banda from traveling by withholding his passport but magistrate Joshua
Banda ordered the release of the document.

The internationally respected Banda has been dragged to court by the PF government on allegations of corruption that the former and observers see as persecution.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration was attended by nearly all presidents from East, Central and Southern Africa. Malawi and Zambia delegated its vic-president.

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan were all in attendance at the event.


  1. Hit em up

    Am ashamed to be zambian right now! Shame!

  2. Chansa PC

    Ubufontini ubwingi!!!! If RB were to flee the country, there are so many options and routes. Let him enjoy his international recognition as some of are not known even by our wives!!!!!

  3. Chansa PC

    Ubufontini ubwingi!!!! If RB were to flee the country, there are so many options and routes. Let him enjoy his international recognition as some of us are not known even by our wives!!!!!

  4. Bauze

    It is a disgrace to be Zambian at this point! We have on our own managed to divert critical international attention to Zambia from Zimbabwe!

    When evil people rule, the people mourn.

  5. CNP-4U

    why and how could you do such a thing..?what a shame ba PF..

  6. Joe Wanjohi (Nairobi)

    It’s very sad to hear what happened to Mr. Banda, a great friend to our beloved country of Kenya. It’s time the Zambian authorities recognizes that the new emerging Africa deserves people who respect the rule of law. Kenya is with you in prayer, Mr. Banda.

  7. Iyeee...

    This trend of not respecting court orders must be stopped.It is setting a very bad precedence.

  8. wiza

    There is a fable of an eagle who was envious of another eagle that could fly better than he could. One day the jealous eagle saw a hunter with a bow and arrow and said to him, “I wish you would bring down that eagle flying high up there.” The hunter said he would if he had some feathers for his arrow. So the jealous eagle pulled out one of his feathers for the hunter to use on his arrow.

    The arrow was shot, but it didn’t quite reach the targeted eagle because he was flying too high. That disappointed the jealous eagle so he pulled out another feather, to help propel the hunter’s arrows against his opponent. That arrow also missed so the jealous eagle pulled out another feather, then another until he had lost so many of his feathers that he himself couldn’t fly. The hunter saw the weakened and helpless state of the jealous eagle and turned around to kill it instead.

    Like the jealous eagle, many of us allow our dislike of others to blind us with hatred so much that we end up hurting our own selves. Instead of using our time and strength to build up our own lives, we expend all our resources trying to destroy someone we do not like. We allow hatred to so poison our hearts that we miss all the great things God wants to do with us and through us.

    Even if we think the people we dislike have hurt us in the past and deserve to be punished, we must learn to leave them in God’s hands so that we can move on with our lives. What God has for us is better than what any person can take away from us.

  9. Iyeee...

    Mwansa Kapeya’s argument that he doubts RB’s motive to have travelled when he new that the ceremony was over is not truthful.RB could have made it for other functions taking place right now even as I post this comment.Besides why didn’t you useful idiots give him his passport on time.It had to take a court order!Rubbish statement from Kapeya.

    • Malaiti

      They were scared that he was going to get a heroes welcome to the embarrassment of Dotty Scotty or is it ceremonial who?

  10. Mathews(Kenya)

    Mr. Banda must respect the rule of Law. We dont expect such people to start influencing Kenya. We love what Zambia authorities did.

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