My Trial is a Sham, says Rupiah Banda

rupiah-banda-zambia-reportsFourth republican president Rupiah Banda now believes his whole trial in the Lusaka magistrates court is nothing but a sham.

In an exclusive interview with Zambian Reports at the Kenneth Kaunda International airport just after he was blocked from boarding a Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi Kenya where he was scheduled to attend the inauguration of Uhuru Kenyatta as Kenya’s fourth president, the former president said he does not believe that he will have a free trial since there is interest other than the courts themselves.

Banda, who said he was looking forward to witnessing the event, described the development to block him as unfortunate as it appeared whoever was behind it had more power than the courts.

“My passport was released by court order which we have displayed to the immigration officials and they still insisted that they were higher authorities than the court order,” said the former president.

Asked if at all the whole episode made him feel low Mr. Banda responded, “No, no, no. I know I am in a fight, in a big fight so there is nothing I can do. The best thing I can do is go back home and start all over again.”

It appears the whole episode was designed to humiliate and embarrass the fourth Republican president.

Mr. Banda spent the rest of Tuesday afternoon at his farm holding in Lusaka’s Makeni area relaxing with some of his friends and relatives. He also took time to look at his maize crop and fruit orchards.

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