MMD Youths Plan Demo over Rupiah Victimisation

Lusambo in blue

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) youths will today stage a demonstration to protest the victimisation of fourth Republican president Rupiah Banda by President Michael Sata’s government.

Banda is facing court charges for alleged corruption but has also been subjected to humiliating scenes including numerous questioning by a government investigative wing.

In an attempt to further embarrass Banda, a group controlling President Sata prevailed over a court order and stopped the former head of state from travelling to Kenya where he was invited to attend the inauguration of new President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a statement released yesterday, MMD Die hard national youth coordinator Bowman Lusambo says the PF government under the leadership of President Sata is frustrating, irritating and embarrassing President Rupiah Banda in the eyes of Zambians and the international community.

Lusambo says they will go ahead and demonstrate without getting any Police permit stating that they have the right to do so under the Republican constitution.

He states that the MMD respects the democracy the country has enjoyed in the last 20 years and will make sure that they protect it from the PF government which he accused of trying to return the country to a one party state.

Lusambo adds that the embarrassment President Sata caused former president Rupiah Banda is uncalled for and unnecessary.

He says MMD Youths will make sure that even the cases which the former president is facing such as the Baobab land are dropped immediately.

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