Court Acquits Mufumbwe Youths

Tobias Kafumukache - MMD youth national secretary-1The Solwezi Magistrates Court this morning acquitted eight opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy youths on a charge of possessing dangerous weapons.

The youths who were last year arrested during the Mufumbwe by-election were discharged due to insufficient evidence.

Speaking from Solwezi youth leader Tobias Kafumukache said justice had been served. The PF through businessman Shawi Fawaz were accused of perpetrating the violence but none of its members was arrested.

Judge Ngoma, the violent private security officer of President Michael Sata, was also among those that was behind the election violence but has walked scot-free at every scene.

Kafumukache, however, said the arrest of MMD youths should never have been effected in the first place.

The discharge is the latest in a litany of politically motivated charges the PF has abandoned.

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