GJIT May Arrest Rupiah Banda’s Former Campaign Manager

zambia_policeAs part of its prosecution against former President Rupiah Banda, the Government Joint Investigative Team may arrest his campaign center manager Dr. Martin Mtonga, according to a high placed source in the Patriotic Front government.

So far Dr. Mtonga has refused to co-operate with the Government Joint Investigations Team and latest information reaching Zambia Reports from a highly placed source within the GJIT is that the PF’s GJIT wants to crack Dr. Mtonga at all costs as they believe he holds the key to the former president’s fruitful prosecution in as far as campaign materials and funds are concerned.

“We asked to meet with Dr. Mtonga at a certain location in Lusaka a few days ago and when he made himself available that evening one of the officers tried to re-assure him that the investigation was not about him”, the source said. “He seemed too frightened and he kept on looking around and at some point I thought he was going to tell us something but he didn’t”, added the source.

According to a highly placed source, Dr. Mtonga has remained un co-operative through out the more than 30 minutes of the meeting insisting that he was a private consultant of Mr. Banda and that is why each time he operated from Nkwazi House the official residence as opposed to State House where the presidential offices are located. Even attempts to mention names like Dickson Jere, Austin Sichinga, Major Richard Kachingwe and even a Mr.Robinson Nkonde did not seem to break Dr. Mtonga. The source has admitted that the meeting with Dr. Mtonga was a waste of time but has indicated that there are instructions that if Mtonga continues to be hostile he should be pursued separately and possibly charged and arrested.

Of the four people mentioned to Dr. Mtonga, Austin Sichinga is already a witness Major Kachingwe is lined up to be one with indications that Dickson Jere may also turn against his former boss while Mr. Nkonde a career intelligence officer and a former senior private secretary at State House has refused to testify against the former president stating that he is still under oath and will take whatever he knows to his grave. This again is according to the source who was one of the GJIT officers who recently had a private meeting with Dr. Mtonga.

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