China Debunks Charge against Rupiah Banda

Representatives of a Chinese state-owned construction company have held a press conference to announce that the most recent charges leveled against former President Rupiah Banda are not true, as the cited vehicles were donated to State House as part of a diplomatic agreement between China and Zambia.

The comments were made by Director Li Fu of Sogecoa Zambia Limited, a subsidiary of Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group Company, which contracted to construct the football stadium in Ndola following an agreement between President Levy Mwanawasa and Hu Jintao.

Mr. Li denied that his company was involved in any sort of illegal “truck gratification” deal with the former Zambian president, casting additional doubts on the state’s charges.

The Chinese representative described the charge as “astonishing” that his company would give away trucks or that former President Banda could have used them for his own purposes.

Mr Li said the construction of the Mwanawasa Stadium was awarded by the Chinese government as a government-aided project after following procedure of public bidding in China, making it impossible for the state to charge the former president which this particular offence as there was no transaction, only a donation.

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