President Sata Finally Opposes Barotseland

Sata MonguPresident Michael Sata’s latest anti-Barotseland Agreement of 1964 finally came to the fore during his address at the launch of the Shangombo hospital in Western Province on Friday.

This is a sharp but expected contrast of President Sata’s fake campaign promises which sought to honour the agreement by granting a secessionist group their wish of separating from Zambia immediately he assumed office. President Sata, in his deceitful campaigns, offered to restore the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 within 90 days of winning the September 2011 elections.

It is now more than 15 months into President Sata’s rule and the contentious issue, like many other promises, was not honoured and many of its people except for their traditional ruler the Litunga who has allegedly received bribes from the Zambian government are asking question.

In fact, the Barotse question was suspiciously glossed over at the just ended constitution convention on account that it should be forwarded to government which has a fixed position on the subject and the Barotseland Royal Establishment.

President Sata said advocates of the Barotseland Agreement should know that Zambia was not for Lozis alone. The President’s proclamation departed from the basis of the barotse activists whose contention is that Western Province has always been on the lower end of the country’s development agenda.

During his usually emotive drive for the Presidency, President Sata carelessly advocated for the restoration of the Barotse Agreement but the same tongue is speaking more than three different positions on the same issue he pretended to have some passion for.

Meanwhile, President Sata’s spontaneous behavior reared its ugly head again when he dramatically abandoned the highly anticipated commissioning of the Mongu Stadium leaving his aides and top government officials in shock.

President Sata comically abandoned the launch that had gobbled millions of kwacha in preparations minutes after arriving on account that there was no pick and shovel.

The President, who is seeking to appease the Lozi ethnic community with stage managed infrastructural development, had arrived seemingly in a hurry and bullied his way around as his aides nervously watched his uncharacteristic and embarrassing theatrics.

He stepped onto the bulldozer which he abandoned half way before demanding to be given a pick and shovel but before the tools could be availed he was half way to his official car that drove off leaving pockets of onlookers and officials dazed.

It is not the first time the president has pulled the rug on his aides with his sometimes fitful acts as he once abandoned commissioning of a road project in Northern Province accusing the Willy Nsanda led Road Development Agency of being disorganised. It later embarrassingly emerged that the project had not fully taken off since government had not released the money for the project.

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