Prof Chirwa Sounding Like a Quack – Laura Miti

Prof Clive Chirwa pegProfessor Clive Chirwa will wish he never appeared on ZNBC’s Sunday interview. If he is a professor of whatever trade it is, then he is a piece of insult to his own profession because the manner he handled himself during that interview was shocking for a man of his educational credentials, but of course, not a handpicked political appointee.

The extravagant academician is making outrageous demands for a crippling entity such as Zambia Railways Limited. And his appearance on ZNBC did not help matters. He was justifying the nonsense he has imported from wherever he went to study into an ailing parastal. How evil can he be?

This is the man whose decision to accept the appointment by President Michael Sata earned the head of state a lot of praise. President Sata was heralded for the appointment. Little did he know that the person he thought will create some good public relations for him was another creature to add to his misery.

Interestingly, former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa asked on twitter, “Who employed Chirwa?” But, to be honest, Maureen knows who employed Prof Chirwa and that is the source of this problem. No board will operate without its employee’s terms at Zambia Railways. Chirwa will be the board unto himself.

Laura Miti, an ex-Post columnist and educationist, was precise in her comments when watching Prof Chirwa.

She twitted; “I hope president Sata is watching his man Chirwa sound like a real quack. So unconvincing. Reminds me of KK’s heaven on earth LOL.”

Laura further said Chirwa was a good example of what happens when State house appoints CEOs with no advert of post screening or interviews. This, presumably, would have answered Maureen Mwanawasa’s teasing question.

Laura was blunt suggesting Prof Chirwa could have been high on some product that either Maiko Zulu or Dandy Krazy supplied – ganja.

“This Chirwa is smoking something lethal. 25% my foot! And the next CEO gets 25 then what????” she wondered in reference to Prof Chirwa’s demand of 25 percent shares in the company at the end of the contract as a term of reference.

“This Chirwa is mad mad mad. Ati 70,000 is for everything servants gardens all a CEO deserves,” Laura added.

As for Chilufya Tayali, he says “its extremely disappointing to hear that a man we thought was a patriot who came from Europe to help us rebuild and develop our Railways is such an egocentric and egoist person.

“How can this man ask for K248m in salary per month, K7.6 billion in allowances, 6 air tickets for his wife, 25% shares in Zambia railways and other lucrative benefits, in a country where 65% of the population is living below poverty levels.

“Imagine our men and women who are labouring so hard for this country such as the teachers, police, doctors, judges, defense, etc; how much they are getting compared to this one man Clive Chirwa. Surely he is a professor, but we have professors in this country, are they getting this kind of benefits? He could have been getting whatever in UK, but where is his patriotism?

“The man’s pomposity was encouraged by the appointing authority because he felt he was above everyone, especially the board. He also assumed himself larger than everyone intellectually just because he was called from UK to come and work for ZRL.

“Surely, does he think there are no people who can turn around ZRL in this country and he should hold us to ransom for his knowledge? Govt made a mistake to appoint him in the manner they did. He would have rather been employed by the board as per corporate norms.

“Clive Chirwa will never respect any board, especially if they want to stop his insensate desire to loot the merger resources of this country. This man has no goodwill and his leadership style reserves much to be desired. You can’t change things in a big company like ZRL alone, even if you are so educated, you need others. This man must go.”

Clearly, Prof Chirwa, with his inflated presidential ambitions is losing the little sympathises he had gathered. He is proving to be one of those useless Zambians who think going abroad makes them more human than others.

Look at his fake promises of an underground rail-line which will only cover a distance from Kamwala to Kabwe Roundabout over 1.3 kilometres. At what cost? Total hogwash. Zambia needs to be saved from these plunderers.

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