MMD to Contest Feira By-Election

mmd-zambia-reportsOpposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) say they will participate in the next by-elections in Feira after sitting out the last rounds to prepare their campaign.

Director for Communications in the Office of the President Muhabi Lungu said the party had opted out of the last by-elections to try and reorganize itself.

The MMD Electoral Commission of Zambia has set June 20th as the date for the Feira constituency by-election that fell vacant after the resignation of area MP Levy Ngoma who defected to the ruling party.

Mr Lungu denied that the MMD’s not participating in the last by-elections was due to financial difficulties.

He said that party had embarked on a new recruitment drive that had been their focus at the last by-election.

“Contrary to public misconceptions that we had not taken part in the Kapiri Mposhi and Lukulu by-elections because we are broke, the truth is we did our research and thought we should just concentrate on the nationawide tour spearheaded by our President Nevers Mumba,” he said.

The former ruling party has not fared well in by-elections since losing power and has struggled to recoup its former vibrant self.

It has suffered heavily from the Patriotic Front’s ill conceived poaching of opposition members of parliament that is meant to weaken the opposition and build a one party hegemony.

Several MMD MPs have fallen for the PF offer for deputy ministerial position for every defection.

The loss in Lukulu by the ruling party could have sent warning signals to oppositions MPs who recently accepted ministerial jobs and hail from Western Province.


  1. Mphangwe

    Feira must have its own set of intelligentia (ie knowledgeable people) in the form of a diversity of civil servants, ZNS, Defence Forces, Police Service and teachers who can best articulate what is best for the peoples of Luangwa District. The people of Luangwa District have enlightened relatives and students resident in urban areas who are able to access the correct state of affairs through the internet media – and thus can use their mobile services to advise their vulnerable relatives from falling prey to the marauding PF LIARS.

    Deception has been the rule of the game in PF

    So far no senior PF can advise Sata as they are all serving as employees to please their boss. PF is not democratic. The people of Luangwa District must therefore be reminded that PF is wholly owned by Sata to the extent that the PF life-span is strongly linked to the biological life of Sata.
    Sata is a sick man and his life is unpredictable. In the unlikely event of Sata’s demise (death) this will be the end of PF. Sata’s biological end will be followed by serious internal struggles between the Lenje group led by Kambimba and Masebo on one side vs the Bemba group led by GBM, Kambwili, Nsanda. At this juncture Mr. Ngoma, Mr. Namulambe and all UPND and MMD who joined the PF for30 pieces of silver will be mare spectators.

  2. jayjay

    not true, mubanga. We will be there also for more than one term. And it is an ungodly to wish somebody to die. Infact, you have no other plans to make your under five party popular, you waited for mazoka to die, for you to lead the party. And it is like he died with the party.

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