Chirwa Should Resign – Mooya

Prof Clive Chirwa pegMoomba Member of Parliament (MP) Vitalis Mooya has asked embattled Zambia Railways Limited Chief Executive Officer professor Clive Chirwa to consider resigning because his image has been tarnished by his own desire to reap where he did not sow.

Mooya, a civil engineer who worked for over 25 years in the ministry of works and supply said Chirwa must take his pipedream of erecting underground trains in Lusaka elsewhere because his projects were not feasible locally.

He said Lusaka had a complicated structural system, which would not allow for the construction of underground trains. He said there were many unplanned structures and other obstacles that would not allow for the construction of underground trains.

Speaking in Lusaka, Mooya said only a gullible person would entertain professor Chirwa’s train projects.

He said it was only President Michael Sata who could believe in professor Chirwa but it was clear that Chirwa’s appointment was Sata’s own reward to Chirwa.

“I am a civil engineer and it is clear that professor Chirwa was dreaming. He is simply lying because his projects are not feasible.

“The only thing for professor Chirwa is for him to resign because he has been exposed and it is clear that he will not be able to take the Zambia Railways Limited anywhere and we as Zambians are just wasting our time holding on to this man. He is so pompous and full of himself when it is clear that he is an empty vessel. It is Sata who must be feeling bad and take responsibility for all this mess,” he said.

Mooya said professor Chirwa was day dreaming to propose the construction of underground trains in Lusaka because he had no idea of what the city was composed of. He said professor Chirwa did not have any resources and substantive plans on his proposed modern railway line.

Professor Clive Chirwa has been criticized for demanding a huge salary after he was appointed Chief Executive Officer for the struggling Zambia Railways Limited. Professor Chirwa also demanded other exorbitant personal emoluments such as six air tickets to Europe for his wife every year, a K72 million housing allowance and 25 per cent stake in the railway firm at the end of his contract.

However, a cross section of the Zambian society has criticized professor Chirwa was making unrealistic demands because Zambia was trying to develop and he was pulling the country in the opposite direction.

For instance, opposition Forum for Democracy and Development president edit Nawakwi said professor Chirwa was going to drain resources out f the railway firm.

Sata has suspended professor Chirwa to pave way for an investigation whether there was abuse of resources at Zambia Railways Limited.

Transport and Communications minister Christopher Yaluma earlier suspended the Zambia Railways board because there was shadow fighting with professor Chirwa who claimed that the board was wasting company resources on fake board meetings.

But when contacted professor Chirwa said he would wait for the probe by the Anti Corruption Commission to be concluded. He said he was not going to resign because he was so desirous to work for the people of Zambia.

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