Under Pressure from PF, ECZ Change Electoral Rule

ECZ1The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has reduced the 48 hours electoral rule of halting campaigns before the polling day in an election to twelve hours after Vice-President Guy Scott was caught napping during the Lukulu West by-election where the ruling Patriotic Front lost miserably.

PF are engaging in last minute vote buying including distribution of cash at polling station and hope that the 12 hour rule will not give them them a legal advantage to continue their activities a few hours before poll day.

This means that campaigns in any election in the country will be ending at 18:00 hours on the eve of the polling day.

ECZ spokesperson Cris Akufuna disclosed to Qfm in an interview that the changes have arisen following resolutions that the ECZ and political parties made during a recent consultative meeting in Lusaka.

Akufuna has further noted that the new electoral rule will be applicable to the June 20th Feira Parliamentary by-election.

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