Zambia Arrests 2 Musicians for Criticizing Govt

Concerns over Zambia’s crackdown on human rights have spiked in recent days following the arrest and jailing of a popular singer whose hit song strongly criticized the corruption and poor governance of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party.

The 29-year-old Chama Fimba, who performs under the stagename ‘PilAto,’ was placed under arrest on Saturday May 11 on unclear charges along with his bandmate ‘Petersen’ (Mundia Mukubesa), but according to a report by website Zambian Watchdog, the singer is being questioned over the lyrical content of his song ‘Bufi’ (‘Lies’).  Mr Fimba is currently being held indefinitely at Lusaka Central Police Station pending the application of charges.

The lyrics of the song ‘Bufi,’ which is the Bemba word for ‘lies,’ lists a number of broken promises of the PF, including cheap fuel, construction of roads, and job opportunities for young people.  The song is featured in a video by the artists depicting the long lines awaiting fuel, poor people sleeping in the streets, and life in the compounds.

Boza, bufi, ulabeja, wenye … You were lying ‘Tata’ (old man). You promised cheap fuel; you said you will construct roads but you were lying as people are still sleeping in tunnels,” the song lyrics state.

In recent months, the PF government’s crackdown on opposition leaders and treatment of sexual minorities has attracted criticism from Amnesty International and the U.S. State Department.


  1. passwell

    Its a rumour, he is not taken in. Actually the song is by Petersen Ft Pilato

  2. Jimmy Junior

    Wat is happenin with this story, his in or his not wat cn get frm the media.

  3. Given mleka

    No thats not fair ths is democracy why is pf government doing that?

  4. Booty Shakes

    You arseholes nothing like that happened. The PF is not interested in street kids coz they know that those poor cunt eating chaps are just being used by the very people that cannot shield them if things went bad for them

  5. ds

    bufi go pa watchdog website u find this story it deleted pantu bufi, boza why posting stories with no facts

  6. Frederick Chikozi Nkaka

    Please this is the question am imposing to each and every person who really understands things? “FOR HOW LONG THE PF HAVE BEEN IN GOVERMENT? And truely people want the PF to work like a magician? EVEN OUR SUPREME RULER THE ALMIGHT JEHOVEH GOD, It took HIM sixe days create everything. Give the PF five years and after that is when u can start criticizing?

    • joseph keith kamanga

      Too true PF has not even started working they r busy doing damage control of the economy destroyed by MMD.its to early to blame PF. wait the best is yet to come from PF.

    • Realist

      For sure you guys will give same excuse in 2016 i.e. we need time. The problem is not only lack of results but lack of a plan or direction or stability.

      Your sentiments are a perfect example of blind docility. The mess in agriculture was within two years, the mess in prices was with two years, the mess in governance within two years. So what on earth’s time are you asking for. Get serious with your views.

    • denabe

      patrick the fool. stop comparing sata to our beloved God

    • Gosh

      Look here iwe, the people are merely taking PF for their word. They promised to change things in 90 days!

      • Mwebantu

        Yes they did. Do you recall what change they promised? It is a change in the way things are done: not to miraculously make the poor rich, or miraculous materialism more universities, and first class highways. This requires some common sense.

    • Phiri

      Imwe ba Fredrick Nkaka for the same reasons you are stating: How can a govt that has not stayed long enough to perform reward itself with salary increases? These increases should come after 5 years

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