NAREP Condemns PF Cadre Violence

pf-youth-cadres-violence-zambia-reportsThe National Restoration Party (NAREP) has condemned the attack by Patriotic Front (PF) cadres of MMD members Bowman Lusambo and Scorpion Kadobi yesterday at City Market.

Kadobi was able to escape and flee from the attack by the cadres, while Lusambo was not lucky as he was abducted by the group of youths, who allegedly held him at gunpoint and cornered him in a room that had knives, pangas, knobkerries and iron bars.

NAREP secretary general Jevan Kamanga said the silence by the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership in the wake of this violence showed that the attacks had the blessings of the top PF officials.

Kamanga said the law needed to take its course.

“The actions of the PF cadres are a sad reminder of the vigilante days when people were attacked for no apparent reason. Nevers Mumba and Lusambo are free to board any bus and head to any part of the city they wish to go to,” he said.

“The silence of the PF leadership confirms that the violence has the blessings of the PF leadership they have chosen to stay quiet when their cadres were let loose yesterday.”

On Tuesday PF cadres disrupted business in the town as they unleashed their brutality on MMD cadres who were waiting for their president Nevers Mumba who was due to tour Kanyama Constituency.

Over the past year there have been numerous instances of violent exchanges between the youth cadres of Zambia’s main political parties, leading some civil society organisations to issue urgent warnings on public safety in the country.

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