Nevers Condemns Abduction of Lusambo by PF

nevers-mumba-zambia-reportsOpposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba has condemned the behaviour by Patriotic Front cadres to manhandle two of his party’s members who were waiting for him at City Market.

Patriotic Fronts youths manhandled MMD die hard youth chairperson Bowman Lusambo and his colleague Scorpion Kadobi who they whisked to an unknown place before handing them to the police after the situation deteriorated an hour later grinding business in the central business centre to a standstill.

The MMD youths were waiting for their party president who was due to take a bus ride into Kanyama Constituency for a tour but the PF youths popped up and got physical beating up anybody suspected to be MMD.

Police who had attempted to quell the situation were overpowered by the PF youths with journalists caught up in the fracas scampering for safety.

Lusambo was whisked away and forced to issue a statement in support of subsidies.

“This is what we say this is a government that is not open to discourse the only language they seem to understand is violence. Our peaceful youths were attacked when we were due for a tour of Kanyama Constituency,” Mumba said.

And Lusambo said he was held at gunpoint by a group of youths led by PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Kennedy Kamba as they forced him to muster an apology.

“I was abducted for one hour by Mr Kamba who had a gun and they took me to room where there were pangas, machetes, knives and iron bars and they made say that apology. I did that to save my life,” Lusambo said.


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