Five Parties Register for Feira Election

Five political parties have successfully filed their nomination for the June 24 Feira parliamentary by-election.

The usually quiet constituency was besieged by political activity that saw the five political parties including the Patriotic Front (PF), Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), United Party for National Development (UPND), National Restoration Party (NAREP), and the United National Independence Party (UNIP) confirm their participation in the election.

With the largest campaign budget and the full weight of the administration behind him, the PF candidate Patrick Ngoma, who defected from the MMD, is likely to be regarded as a frontrunner. In response, the MMD is fielding Elias Phiri with the UPND going for Eularia Zulu.

UNIP has staked Charles Kanyama, while NAREP is having Samuel Sikaonga for a candidate.

The Feira seat fell vacant after former MMD member Ngoma crossed over to the PF, where many before him that have defected having been offered deputy ministerial jobs.

One Response to “Five Parties Register for Feira Election”

  1. Mary Lusambo

    Francis Ndhlovu laid a great foundation in FEIRA during the last General Elections. According to my personal assessment, FEIRA needs a person with the Heart and a vision , not money. FEIRA is fully endowed with resources by God himself. What has been lacking is a vision in utilizing the resources. The Lady (Urelia) is the better candidate for Luangwans than Patrick who has spent most of his time in politics but has done very little in the area. FEIRA needs an innovative mind for a Leader.
    Rise to the occassion of service URELIA and lead the people of Luangwa. All the best!!!

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