Human Rights Body Condemns Lusambo Attacks

police-mmd-secretariatThe Human Rights Commission (HRC) has condemned PF thugs that harassed and stole personal items from Movement for Multi-party Democracy president and young wing coordinator Bowman Lusambo yesterday.

And NAREP has also called for the arrested of the PF cadres that were involved.

HRC spokesperson Samuel Kasanka said Zambia enjoy fundamental freedoms that need to be safeguarded and allow citizens to enjoy them. He said it is important to allow the free expression of ideas even if others do not like them.

He said Zambia is a democratic country and that no one should be intimidated through undue inference from anyone.

He appealed to PF leaders to discipline their members and urged police to ensure culprits are brought to book.

And National secretary Rev Jervan Kamanga said demanded the full measure of the law to restore order in the country.

Kamanga said the assault on Lusambo should be condemned and that the action of PF cadres was an unacceptable reminder of the notorious vigilante of the UNIP era.

He urged the PF to investigate the matter and ensure that the perpetrators of the violence on the opposition are dealt with.

“We cannot have a country where such levels of political intolerance are accepted by government officials. It is sad especially that other items were stolen while beating Mr Lusambo.

“There is need to restore order to the current political environment. Dr Mumba and Mr Lusambpo or any person have all the freedom to go to any place of their choice and we cannot allow the situation to prevail,” said Kamanga.

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