Sata Booed at AU, Rages On

SATA 1President Michael Sata was booed at the African Union (AU) meeting when addressing youths attending the event at the margins of the conference after spontaneously breaking into uncoordinated commentary.

A journalist, shocked with the behaviour of President Sata which has become a norm to Zambians back home, tweeted several times as the Head of State also confused himself referring to AU as OAU – as the organization was previously known – during different moments of the congress.

Idriss Ali Nassah tweeted that President Sata had no sense of occasion as his superstitious phobia for bald headed men prompted the booing.

Bald headed men, it seems, are giving President Sata sleepless nights at home and abroad as he as attacked individuals like opposition MMD leader Nevers Mumba and his staff over such haircut.

“While talking about disability, don’t forget about the people without hair on their heads,” he said as all other presidents attending the meeting looked down in shame considering that people like South Africa leader Jacob Zuma is spotting a bald head at the meeting.

“In Zambia we don’t discriminate. Dr Kaunda once appointed a blind person into his cabinet a long time ago.”

And in opposing the proposal for Africa to have one passport, President Sata touched on the bald-heads again and the audience instantly booed him.

This time he could not ignore the booing and responded; “You are booing me, and with that attitude that’s why your leaders don’t listen to you.

“You can boo all you want but Zambia is saying the AU has no control over us. We make our own laws so no to this one African passport.”

President Sata also opposed regulations of the International Criminal Court to which Zambia is a party saying the west should “try their relatives whose jurisdiction are they under.

“If you find a Kenyan President or Zambia President is at fault, let the Kenyan or Zambian people deal with him not the Hague.”

During another session, President Sata was growing impatient with the delay in a meeting and again blew the top.

“I don’t know why I’m here wasting taxpayers money when in Zambia the people want water, education, health and police.”

Another tweet read, “Oh dear, Pres Michael Sata just spoke: ‘we have been sitting here for 3 hrs but for what? This is why Kamuzu Banda said meetings are useless.”

The non-Zambian journalist was shocked by President Sata’s theatre which most of his people are becoming accustomed to when he makes a foreign trip or appears in public.

“Zambians are some of the smartest people I know. How they came to be led by such truly baffles the mind,” Idriss Ali Nassah said, adding

“My God, Michael Sata is an embarrassment each time he is opening his mouth!!”

President Sata is no stranger to embarrassing moments, he has left a trail of destruction of his character as Head of State failing to observe the basics of diplomatic etiquette.

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