Black Friday: Protesters Holding Meeting in Church

UNZA Students in BlackOrganizers of the Black Friday campaign that has shifted to the Bible Gospel Church in Matero say they will pray for the Zambia Police Force.

Group spokesperson Andrew Ntewewe said although the police had denied the consortium of Civil Society Organizations a permit to hold a rally at the Freedom Statue, they will however hold the gathering in a church set-up.

Ntewewe said they will pray for the church to free themselves from political abuse.

“The police in their usual style have denied us a permit but however we will go ahead with the meeting at BIGOCA in Matero where we will hold a prayer meeting,” he said.

“We will pray even for the police so that they are freed from political manipulation. The procession is on and we will be in black if they want to come they are free to come they will find us in Matero.”

Under President Michael Sata’s government, the police have become notorious for denying the citizenry the right of assembly. Last week the police denied the UPND the right to hold a rally in Lusaka’s Chawama Constituency.

Ironically, Sata has sent out his over 80 ministers to all the provinces to shove the government position on the citizens on the removal of subsidies which has become a very sensitive topic.

Sata ascended to power through constant interaction with the public through rallies.

Since the PF government haphazardly announced the removal of subsidies, there has been an outcry across the country with the civil society, the church and opposition political parties appealing to the government to reverse their decision. UNZA students and their counterparts at the Copperbelt and Mulungushi University took to the streets to protest the abrupt decision on subsidies.

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