Rupiah Banda Shocked by Lungu’s Comments

Edgar LunguFormer President Rupiah Banda says he is surprised that acting President Edgar Lungu has gone to town saying he should know where to apply when seeking permission to leave the country.

Banda said his invitation for the African Union came through government and that the authorities are the ones who notified him about the itinerary and travel dates.

“I was actually very surprised that honourable Lungu said I should apply to him. I received the invitation through government and government are the ones who told me that I should travel on Friday. I told them I had no passport and they said they would sort it, in between a problem emerged,” he said.

“I know better than him how govermnet works. I was vice president of this country and served in government for a long time,” Banda said.

Banda declined to comment further saying he was aware that people that delighted in his ill treatment will be celebrating.

“In this country there are sadists so if I say more, they will be celebrating,” he said.

The former president has been blocked from travelling for international assignments by the government even after the courts have ruled that he is free to travel.

He has so far missed the inauguration of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and the just ended African Union summit in Addis Ababa.

Lungu, who is acting president, has been throwing his weight on any public subject not losing a moment to pick fights with the citizenry. He was recently quoted in the Zambia Daily Mail saying Rupiah’s invitation to South Africa on June 5 to 8 will be studied based on an alleged flight risk assessment of the for Head of State.

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