PF Militiamen Assault Black Friday Protesters

armed-pf-cadres-attack-upndPatriotic Front cadres armed with sticks and sjamboks this morning unleashed their brutality on Civil Society Organizations members that had gathered at Matero’s Bible Gospel Outreach Centre by beating up the conveners and others that had gone to attend the rally to protest the removal of subsidies.

The procession that had peacefuly convened had among the notables Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) vice president in charge of political affairs Michael Kaingu, Bishop John Mambo, Emily Sikazwe and Andrew Ntewewe.

Bishop Mambo, a stern critic of President Michael Sata and his policies, was among those who were targetted and was beaten leaving him sprawled to the floor.

He later managed to hob back to life and went to Matero Police Station to report the matter but no PF cadre had by press time been arrested.

Journalists who were caught up in the fracas were also not spared as they were also battered with a Zambia News and Information Service cameraman brutality pummeled.

After the police had denied the 11 CSOs the right to hold a rally at the Freedom Statue, the conveners opted for an indoor meeting which they dutifully did.

Zambia Reports recently revealed that the ruling party was training some youths as part of a militia that would target individuals opposing President Sata’s regime.

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