UPND Demands Mine Audit to Secure Jobs

Dr Canisius BandaThe United Party for National Development (UPND) has called on the Patriotic Front government to immediately institute an audit in the mines to ascertain the levels of security of tenure of jobs.

This follows announced plans by Konkola Copper Mines that it intended to lay off about two thousand workers due to increased production costs triggered by government’s move to lift subsidies on fuel.

UPND vice president for politics Cannicius Banda has also called on the PF government to ensure that it oversees the dispute resolution mechanisms between mine workers unions and KCM and meaningfully engage all relevant stakeholders in the matter.

Dr. Banda has further charged that the alleged bullish position that the PF government has taken to threaten to take over the mine operations at KCM before exhausting all channels of dialogue will not solve the situation.

And Dr. Banda has noted that the announced new retirement age of 65 will worsen the unemployment situation in the country especially amongst the youth.

Meanwhile, Dr. Banda has pledged the UPND’s support to the Oasis Forum’s announced intentions to come up with a Private Members’ bill meant to protect the current constitution making process and the contents of the new constitution.

He says the UPND will support all positive engagement meant to bring unity and prosperity for the country.

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