Dr Manda Mocks Coward Police Officers

zambia_policeProminent Lusaka medical Doctor Francis Manda says the conduct of the police officers that helplessly watched as robbers staged a daring robbery at Manda Hill Police post is shameful.

Dr Manda said the police officers only seemed courageous when flagging down motorists at robots but when faced with real challenges they fall short.

He said the police officers who were ordered to lie down by the criminals who were pursuing a Lusaka man who had just withdrawn money from the bank should be investigated.

The criminals had trailed a Mr Mubanga who had just withdrawn K8 million from Arcades Zanaco Branch and followed him into the police post where he had sought refugee.

“What happened at Manda Hill Police Post was very shameful where a member of the public who went to seek refugee at the police station was robbed with the police failing to act,” he said.

“Those police officers should be investigated it seems they are only good at flagging down motorists at at robots and taking bribes or breaking up demonstrations.”

Some criminals staged a robbery at Manda Hill Police post after a man who noticed criminals following him turned at the police post to seek protection but the the officers also gave in to the criminals who ordered them to lie down as they got away with the stash.

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