‘Donchi Kubeba’ Singer Called ‘Ungrateful’

Dandy KrazyEnergy minister Yamfwa Mukanga has accused singer Dandy Crazy of being ungrateful for what the PF government has done for him.

During a show at Lusaka’s Club Zone Cafe on Friday night, Dandy Krazy said he regretted composing the famous Don’t Kubeba song which helped propel the PF into office in 2011.

Dandy Krazy whose real nmaes are Wesley Chibambo, said he regretted producing the song because of the PF’s failure to address challenges that he catalogued in the song.

Don’t Kubeba, an anthem catalogued the hardships and daily struggles of downtrodden Zambians, was used as PF’s campaign song in the runner up September 2011 elections.

The following month, during celebrations to mark Zambia’s 47th independence at State House, President Michael Sata bestowed the companion of the order of Freedom First Division on Chibambo for his role in composing the song.

But Chibambo claimed yesterday in an interview that he had not benefitted anything from the the PF for singing Don’t Kubeba.

“I regret doing that song. That honour which was bestowed on me…those are just medals but no monetary benefits. No house; no car and PF want me to continue supporting wrong things. If i was jailed, my wife and children were going to be street kids,” Chibambo said.

“They used me as ‘Don’t Kubeba’ and they have dumped me. Somehow I don’t think it is worth it singing that song because that song has not given me food on the table. If people want it, I can sing it for them,” he said.

But Mukanga urged Chibambo to use the right platform when dealing with mhis personal issues.

“Don’t you remember that he was the one who was honoured by President Michael Sata? If he needed gains for composing the Don’t Kubeba song, he needed to get in touch with the PF secretariat. It is not a matter of complaining just because he has personal issues and criticize what we are doing. Those are personal issues. He can approach us and we can help him out. If it has to do with me, he can even approach me in person. Those things he is talking about right now are personal isues,” he said.

Mukanga said the government would ensure that all its campaign promises were fulfilled by 2016.

“The youths can complain that they don’t have jobs but we have created more than 150, 000 jobs. Yes, not all youths have been covered, but we are creating a lot of jobs in mining and construction industries,” said Mukanga in an interview.

However, Chibambo said he would re-do to depict the real challenges faced by Zambians.

“I will do a Don’t Kubeba remix for the people of Zambians because there is a lot of despondency among Zambians. Zambians are not happy with what is happening right now. I will make the people decide after five years whether it is good government or or a bad one,” he said.

“This remix will talk about things that are happening in the country because everybody is observing what the PF are doing. They removed the subsidies on on fuel and maize. Are the people given good salaries? Zambians are observing all these things. They are the ones who vote for and against the government.”

Chibambo vowed not to perform ‘Don’t Kubeba’ at any public function.

“As an ambassador of youths, I am saying youths have already started complaining about what is happening in the country. They are not happy at all. I have seen it on the ground, I walk in the streets; I eat with them; I talk to them every day; I dance with them. They are not being given given jobs they were promised,” he said.

Chibambo claimed that the PF had failed to address the problems Zambians were facing.

“Abantu tabaleumfwa bwino iyo (Zambians are not happy at all). Jobs are not there for the youths and they are complaining. If you check in the streets, the PF is making the streets dirty. Myself I am not happy and I am the example of many to many youths in the country. Things are not happening to me, and how can I feel happy,” said Chibambo.

“Just think about it; I am the writer of the Don’t Kubeba song, but I am complaining. They have done nothing for me. I have the signature of the ‘Don’t Kubeba’ song and it is the signature i am using on the cheque.”

Source: The Post

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