NAREP Demands Police Action on Church Attack

Today during a press conference held by the National Restoration Party (NAREP), party vice president Charles Maboshe called on the Zambian police to undertake a serious investigation of Friday’s attack by a Patriotic Front (PF) militia against protesters meeting in a church in Matero, Lusaka.

During his comments, Mr Maboshe highlighted the previous incidences of violence that the police failed to stop, including the beating of a senior member of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in plain view of officers.

“The savage attack on defenseless clergy, members of civil society, opposition political parties and members of the press in the place of worship must be condemned in the strongest possible manner,” Mr Maboshe said. “As NAREP we condemn what happened in Matero and find it very disturbing and unbelievable that the PF has continued stepping on the rights of the innocent people.”

Maboshe also focused on the economy and the government’s failure to fulfill their promises to provide more jobs for youths in 90 days – a fact that has been the source of much public anger and the driving motivation behind the anti subsidy removal protests. He stated that PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba must be reminded that “Zambia does not belong to the few individuals benefiting and having more money in their pockets but to the many Zambians who are not able to afford a decent meal.”

In particular, the opposition politician focused on the disturbing inaction of the police, arguing that the Zambian Police have been turned into the security wing of the Patriotic Front (PF).

“We call upon the Inspector General of police Stella Libongani and her deputy Dr. Solomon Jere to choose between enforcing the law or to resign on moral grounds as they have completely failed to conduct themselves professionally from the time they were appointed to these positions,” Maboshe said. “We demand that the police launch an investigation on the Matero incident and bring the culprits to book without any delay or political interference. We demand for justice and professionalism from the police service in following up this matter.”

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