Chellah Creates Fake Social Media Presence

Chellah a.k.a Saviour Nsofwa Kayula

George Chellah, President Michael Sata’s special assistant for press and public relations, has pulled down his personal facebook account but created a fake one under the name Saviour Nsofwa Kayula, intelligence sources in Zambia have disclosed.

According to the intelligence sources talked to by Zambia Reports, Chellah is using the Kayula account to snoop on unsuspecting critics of President Sata.

He is also, through the same fake Kayula, account exposing private lives of those that criticise President Sata and the Patriotic Front so as to cow them into submission.

Sources in the intelligence system have complained that Chellah is abusing his position as well as the officers to get information about private citizens which is outside the jurisdiction of their terms of reference to further his personal agenda on social media.

His recent attacks using the Kayula profile has been on Muvi Television general manager Coster Mwansa whom the PF are accusing of being opposition for his hard-line questioning stance on his weekly The Assignment Programme. Mwansa was subject of similar accusations by MMD sympathizers in the run to the 2011 elections.

The intelligence officers suspect that Chellah could have been forced to abandon his personal account because he was failing to deal with critics of President Sata and the PF who made comments on his profile.

“Before he pulled down his facebook account, he created more than two facebook profiles but has maintained one of them to use on social media forum,” the source said.

“It does not bother us if he has 1 or 10 facebook accounts but he sends us to investigate certain people who are not even politicians and the next thing we see is that information on groups like ZPP (The Zambia People’s Pact) on facebook,” the source said.

The intelligence officers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was difficult to report Chellah’s misconduct because they will end up as victims.

“He has the President’s ear, this is the man who is next to the boss all the time. How can you report him? Check today (Monday) what he is saying as Kayula, he was even boasting,” the source said.

In a heated debated with a Lwando Grayane Lwando, Chellah – posturing as Kayula – boasted of knowing the appointing authority to some civil servants. He mentioned such names as President Sata’s economic advisor Paul Siame and deputy minister in Vice-President Guy Scott’s office Harry Kalaba.

In the same discussion, Chellah called Muvi Television as an equivalent of a rebel station describing its general manager Mwansa as “crap”.

The source said there is no such a person as Saviour Nsofwa Kayula who knows or has come into contact with President Sata, Guy Scott, Wynter Kabimba or any other member of the Patriotic Front.

“What is happening is embarrassing because the intelligence has traced all the information about Kayula to Chellah. This guy is compromising the security of innocent citizens and the country by splashing information we give him on facebook,” the source.

According to the source, a few PF cadres including a young lady and the party’s communications director Chanda Mfula are privy to the link between Chellah and the Kayula account because it was one of their strategies when they set up an online publication – the Zambia Intelligence News.

“They started this website to counter what PF thinks is a biased presence on the internet but this group is going too far and it seems there is no one in the party or government to check them,” the source said.

In responding to Lwando on a discussion started by a Sam Zulu on the Zambia People’s Pact page on Facebook, Chellah as Kayula said; “but POVERTY is a bad thing. Ati ‘am getting an Isuzu in November.’ So what? What’s an Isuzu? No Coster is a general manager, so what? General manager at MUVI kwati ni ku BP? Am a consultant, so what? Consultancy yapa musebo? I know Paul Siame at State House, so what? Us we know Paul’s appointing authority. I know Kamalata, in the Office of the vice-president, so what? Us we know Guy Scott himself. No I know Harry Kalaba, the deputy minister in the office of the vice-president, so what? Am self-made ba Lwando, ask those who know me. Don’t just yap pantu mukalandila napaba pita kale life mukabila! Gerabo? Ine? Mwaice wandi kabepeko bambi. Ku Buchi ni finshi? Wayamba ukusabaila namona!”

Further comments by Chellah, as Kayula, read; “Chimuzungu [Guy Scott] handled BBC’s Stephen Sackur during HARDTALK so who is Coster with his square shaped forehead and over-sized jackets; in a makeshift studio like TUVI or sorry MUVI? The problem is he doesn’t research and ends up talking more than the interviewer. No wonder last time Wynter told him that ‘I will leave you to answer your own questions if you are not giving me chance to respond.’

“What is there to PULL DOWN on Coster because he is already DOWN? Ati he is general manager for MUVI…that is crap! Do you know what all these guys commenting here do? Please don’t misplace your praises, some general managers are actually at the level of unionized employees in certain establishments.”

The intelligence officers are worried that this is not the first time Chellah has had run ins with some social media activities using his fake facebook account some of whom have suspected his real identity.

“The last time, he was challenged to put up a picture of himself to prove he is not Chellah, he never did. These guys were told by us to challenge him,” the source said.

As Kayula, Chellah, claims to be running some mining business on the Copperbelt but seems to be the only one with classified State House information. He was the first one to post President itinerary to Japan even before the official State House media statement was issued.

Currently, Chellah’s official account is inaccessible on facebook while his official page is inactive and was last updated on December 14, 2012 with a message “Hope to interact with all Zambians via social media.”

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