Court Orders Nkandu Luo to Stop Fanning Confusion

LuoThe Lusaka High Court has issued an injunction to restrain chiefs and traditional affairs minister Nkandu Luo to stop fanning confusion in the selection of Chief Sikoongo of Chirundu district.

Luo had earlier appointed a committee headed by Chief Nalubamba to start the selection process.

In a letter of appointment of Chief Nalubamba and others of May 13, 2013, she state; “As your Royal Highness may be aware the sikoongo chiefdom in District has had succession wrangles which raged on since 1991.

“You may wish to know that Mr. Panias Chilumbwa had his recognition as Chief Sikoongo of the Tonga people of Chirundu District withdrawn by the state.

“In view of the foregoing, I wish to inform your Royal Highness that I have appointed you as chairperson of the committee of chiefs to superintend over the selection of the new Chief Sikoongo.”

Other chiefs Luo named in the committee are Chief Sinazongwe, Chief Anananga Imwiko of Lukulu District, Chief Ndzamane of Chipata District and Chief Chikanta of Kalomo District.

“The Terms of Reference of your committee will be to:- …Guide and conduct the selection process of coming up with a consensually accepted name of the new heir to the Sikoongo throne following the Family Tree,” she stated.

However, her decision was challenged by Dazzy Kapata and five others as this was wrongfully done by seeking judicial review in the High Court which was granted.

“It is ordered that this application be allowed and that the application do have the leave to apply by Notice of Motion for Judicial Review as aforesaid.

“It is further order that the decision of the minister and the process of selecting another Chief Sikoongo be stayed until after determination of the Notice of Originating Motion for Judicial Review or until further order of the court,” the court decision made on May 27, 2013 reads.


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