PF Cadre Fr Luonde: Used and Dumped

Fr LuondeOutspoken Anglican priest and self-appoint Patriotic Front frontman Father Richard Luonde woke up on Sunday to a rude shock when his own church members locked the congregation entrance to show their disgust for him and his leadership.

Fr Luonde was a critic of fourth president Rupiah Banda and together with newly formed Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) leader Fr Frank Bwalya formed a league sponsored by Fred M’membe’s Post Newspaper and PF leader Michael Sata under the umbrella of Change Zambia to denounce the Movement for Multi-party Democracy government.

While Fr Luonde criticised the MMD government on governance issues, it seems he never practised what he preached and now his own members are rebelling against him. His Sunday morning was not the usual when her arrived to deliver the sermon.

This time, wearing the priesthood white robe, he was shocked when he was met with a locked door. The nearest he could get to the pulpit was throwing his hands and head against it in disbelief.

Fr Luonde wandered around the building of the congregation to find the entrance but his members had locked all possible entrances leaving him wandering outside the building like a lost sheep.

Accusations of misapplication of funds and infidelity with female members of the church are flying around. The members accuse him of committing adultery with married women in the congregation.

They also say he is funding the newly formed ABZ using resources from the congregation as he is alleged to be a close ally of Fr Bwalya.

Visit the video link of Fr Luonde’s Sunday experience.

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