Prosecutors Controlled by Cartel – Mulusa

Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa says the Zambian judiciary is being run by individuals bent on sorting out anybody who may have crossed the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito or Post Newspapers Editor Fred M’membe.

Featuring on Muvi Television’s The Assignment Programme, Mulusa said Nchito had strangely entered too many Nolle Prosequis in cases involving Rajan Mahtani.

He also revealed that President Michael Sata had approached him and offered him a deputy ministerial position in the ministry of gender which he said was an insult to him.

“You remember in the states, the mafia was in charge of the prosecution, the judiciary as well sometimes they could be in charge of the senate and the congress even if they were outside parliament,” Mulusa said in apparent reference to the M’membe and Nchito clique.

“All they are doing is deriving some strong sense of personal satisfaction out of the fact that anybody who crossed their path in the past is punished.”

He added: “All these things bring a lot of questions. Is our governance system corrupt? Is our electoral system rotten? “

He said President Michael Sata was preoccupied with distributing rewards to his friends.

“What is happening, everybody who is getting some business, government tenders and whatever had helped PF in a way, if you trace back they supported the ruling party including those who were in MMD and they peddled information and sold information to Pf they were immediately rewarded with appointments. How come? “he said.

He said Nchito should resign as DPP because he had personal interest in the matters he was prosecuting.

Mulusa said he wondered how many nolles Nchito would enter evertime a business associate he owed money had a court case.

“Mr Nchito has entered to many Nolles in many cases against Mahtani who he owes US$4.5 million. So maybe it is this indebtedness that is making him enter Nolles,” he said.

“I wonder how many Nolles he is going to enter every time someone he owes money has a matter.”

He said, “There are unbridled levels of vindictiveness in that those that crossed their paths should get greater punishment.”

Mulusa maintained that Nchito should resign as he had failed to declare interest and also that he misled the parliamentary committee that ratified his appointment.

He said that he had turned down Sata’s offer for a deputy ministerial job.

“I was approached and offered a position as deputy minister but I refused I was not approached on the basis of my skill but just for numbers which is an insult,” Mulusa said.

He said defectors were promised all sorts of things including having their cases getting dropped.

“Look at Mr Namulambe (Gabriel) who is facing corruption charges since he crossed over he has never appeared in court. Once they cross over their charges are strangely not a priority,” he said.

Mulusa said he could easily back up all the issues he had raised and challenged Nchito and M’membe to counter his claims.

“I do know that you do not make a statement unless you have got facts. I am challenging them everybody I have mentioned here to take me to court,” he said.

“I will be able to produce evidence but I can tell you that no one among them can challenge what I am saying.”


  1. FuManchu

    This is the kind of courage that could chart the way forward as regards integrity and rule of law. I only hope that Mulusa will bounce back in parliament come 2016

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