Hichilema Stages Solo Black Friday Protest

Hichilema protestOpposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema this morning staged a one man black Friday protest against the Patriotic Front government and poor governance and human rights record by president Michael Sata.

Hichilema matched alone and later addressed journalists at the Freedom Statue where he said Zambians needed to reclaim their freedoms of associations and demanded that the PF government restores the fuel and mealie meal subsidies because the cost of living was unbearable for the majority of Zambians.

Hichilema, who dared the police to arrest him, said it was sad that almost half a century of independence Zambians were still in the yokes of their own people under the PF government.

He demanded that President Sata should immediately restore the subsidies to reduce the suffering of majority of Zambians.

Hichilema said it was sad that the PF government was turning the country into a police state where PF thuggery was the order of the day as evidenced by the brutality going on against innocent citizens.

“You saw for yourselves what happened at late Princes Nakatindi Wina’s funeral, late Mama Betty Kauna’s funeral, and recently at BIGOCA church where worshippers were attacked for airing their grievances,” he said.

There is evidence that President Sata is ordering the attacks on his opponents and critics of government.

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    Courage as t shud b……bg up yo excellency HH!!

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