Video: Muvi TV Coverage of Kampasa Killings

On June 14, 2013, two  protesters were shot dead by officers of the Zambia National Service (ZNS) who had been sent to an illegal settlement near Lusaka’s international airport.  The incident occurred in the Kampasa area of land, which is owned in part by Patriotic Front Minister of Tourism Sylvia Masebo.  Residents of the area claim that they were unlawfully displaced from their homes resulting from a poorly understood land transaction.  During earlier confrontations between the government and the protesters this past January, President Michael Sata threatened that the protesters would be removed by force  if they did not vacate the premises.

The following clip was posted from Muvi TV’s coverage of the killings.


  1. FuManchu

    Most of our leaders have amassed prime land through office much of it prime and undeveloped. The poor have been pushed to marginal areas where it is difficult to eke out a living. It’s high time a land audit was carried out to determine how much land our leaders own which they do not even declare when filing for political office. Now that tears and innocent blood have been spilled and swallowed by the soil I pity the so called owners who are brutally laying claim to this land for their hands have been soiled with the same blood eternally. May the departed in this cruel manner have their souls received by the ever loving Almighty Creator to rest in peace.

  2. Libongani Must Resign – Chipimo

    […] Chipimo issued a statement yesterday in which he also disclosed that his party sign writer was also manhandled by PF cadres in the same week that Catholic priest Father Frank Bwalya was drenched in chibuku at Flava fm in Kitwe by agents of President Michael Sata while two people were murdered in cold blood in Chongwe over land impasse that links minister Slyvia Masebo and Fackson Shamenda. Video link here. […]

  3. Mubanga

    If there was any time that the Zambians needed to protest,it was this time!
    We cannot be butchered like this in our own land.

  4. Nation Reacts to ZNS Killings

    […] the killing of two land protesters by officers of the Zambia National Service, a number of opposition figures […]

  5. Oscar (USA)

    What a shame that people are being killed for their own properties.. Why? The most important thing is that Pres. Sata is a big thug himself therefore; no matter what others are doing no one can stop them. We mourn to the loved one who died and pray for the injured one for strength and life. May God give U the strength and lift U up from all weaknesses. God will punish Sata and his thug’s followers, I promise, when Sata dies the nation will celebrate. We know that he is a very sick man & has only few days remaining until that bladder burst. We don’t celebrate death but in this case its worth it.

  6. Sakeni Issues Statement on Kampasa Killings

    […] the video of the victims on the link […]

  7. shakespear

    thos officers got the orders from the higher authorities to kill shoot innocent pipo.thoz assholes in goverment their dayz are numberd.Sata and hiz thugs will burn in hell. U dont go around buchering Gods pipo lyk stray dogs. Remember Sata lyf on this earth is short.

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